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Is there such a thing as minimum requirements on Electrical in a Home

Is there such a thing as minimum requirements on Electrical in a Home
Do you every plug in your hairdryer and the power goes out, or turn on the microwave when the coffee pot is turned on, and the power goes out.  I am guilty on both accounts. It is the classic power overload. 

Although you may attempt to conserve energy, in todays world with so many electronic gadgets, tablets, cell phones, computers, gaming consoles, and the list goes on, without knowing, we are drawing an abundance of electricity, putting added strain on power sources in our homes. 

Upgrading your service panel can let your home electrical system use power safely.

A 100 amp panel in todays homes may be running far too close to capacity to be safe.  No electrical circuit should sustain loads of more than 80 percent maximum capacity. You want that extra buffer with the extra amp for safety. 

If you are doing a home renovation, or adding a pool in your back yard or finishing your basement, if your home currently has 100 amp service, upgrading to a 200 amp service panel would be a good decision.  However, 200 amps is the minimum recommended service panel size in a full size modern home, you may actually need more depending on the size of your home. 

Hire licensed electricians to assess your needs and make decisions based on their recommendations.   Safety is paramount. 


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