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Breaking Into Property Investment. Things to Consider.

Breaking Into Property Investment.  Things to Consider.

Breaking Into Property Investment.  Things to Consider. 

Investing in real estate is intriguing, and can be intimidating if it is your first investment property.  Where do you begin is a big question. 

Know the area where you want to make your investment.   Drive around, see what is in the area that is relatable to the property, such as schools, transit, work place, stores. etc. 

Be informed of any rental restrictions that may be imposed in the area.  Check with the City of Town to see if there are any by-laws restricting rentals.  

Know your financing.   You will require a minimum of 20% downpayment of the purchase price for an investment property. 

Know what your expenses will be in addition to the purchase price of the property. 

Calculate your rate of return on the investment.  

Purchase a property that is manageable.

If you are looking at a residential rental, think of starting with a single rental property,  a condominium, or single family home with a front and back yard.

Being a Landlord comes with responsibilities, in particular maintenance and repairs.  Educate yourself to know these responsibilities. 

Familiarize yourself with the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement, which is a standard lease agreement to be entered into in Ontario for all residential tenancies.  This form can be obtained at  and search Residential Tenancy Agreement. 

If you are looking at a commercial investments, most of the same steps would apply.  

Hire the right realtor to help you with your investment and potentially find you the right tenant.


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